We will be streaming the service via Zoom and the memorial will be recorded and uploaded to this site during the week of July 18 if you are unable to join us in real time.

Using Zoom is quite simple. You simply download the app here and follow the directions on the site. Zoom is one of the safest options for meeting remotely and it’s easy to download and install. It’s a very small program so takes up very little space on your computer. We ask that you use earphones so that we don’t get a “feedback loop” if you decide to participate by sharing a story, photos or other memories by unmuting your microphone. The headphones that came with your phone will usually fit your computer headphone jack and have the advantage of including a microphone. If you’re using a phone to connect via Zoom that works even better! You’ll need to visit the Android PlayStore or Apple Store to download the phone or tablet (iPad) app, but it’s free to install.

Click here for the Zoom link . Use Meeting ID: 495 810 3618 and Password: 2479181

We will start streaming at 2 pm Pacific Time on July 16, 2022.

We look forward to seeing…and possibly hearing from…you so please feel free to contribute anything that will help us to remember all the many facets of a remarkable man!